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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No new hardware is required. The clinic and the patients will be able to access the service with a browser and an internet connection. Clinics also have the option to install our software on any Windows computer. In all cases, the service will run on our web servers.
Our service will run independently of your existing software and will not have access to any clinic or patient information. Patients simply provide the receptionist with a first name or nickname when signing in. This ID is added to the waiting line and their position is easily accessible via our website. The data is destroyed as soon as the patient is removed from the waiting list.
Average waiting time will be calculated based on the frequency at which patients are removed from the waiting line. Despite our best efforts, this waiting time will remain indicative and patients will be reminded to give themselves plenty of time to return to the clinic.
You can choose not to use our service when the waiting time is minimal, but if the waiting time does begin to increase, you may find yourself having to add a number of patients in quick succession. Our wait time statistics also work best when the service is used even during quiet periods.
We offer a free demonstration and 1-month trial. Our subscription based service is available in affordable monthly or annual installments. Cancellation is possible at any time, with the unused subscription refunded immediately. Contact us for more information.
Our service and technical support are available in both English and French.